Accurate Employee Audits & Increased Retention

At 5 Star Talent Management LLC, we serve small and large companies by providing employee audits that help to predict and increase employee retentions. We continue to improve our process to increase effectiveness for each of our clients.

Use Our Validated, Predictive Profiles

5 Star Talent Management’s systems have been rated the most predictive profile for all vendors in a survey by CSO Insights & Aberdeen Group surveys. Over 150 benchmark positions cover all of our functions. Our Talent Audit helps corporations discover the strengths of their workforce against our predictive competencies and other workforces. This allows you to find out where you need development and how to fix problem areas.

Employee Retention Meeting

Management Development
Develop your corporate team with our learning solutions and enhance the competencies to predict success. Using our Skillsoft™ online learning solutions, develop your workforce with our Everything DiSC assessments and solutions. These help improve leadership, management, sales, customer service, and individual contributors.

Our in-class and online learning solutions from Vital Learning™ help you to build a happy, productive team. You can even use our profiling for succession planning by choosing the person and key positions you’d like to advance.

Improving Retention
Increase employee retention with our Integrated Talent Management System. Combine all the aspects of our state-of-the-art talent management system with more than 40 years of expertise in management to gain real performance improvement and to retain your best and brightest.

We put more than 40 years of market research towards selecting and hiring people and 30 years of validated behavioral solutions to work for you. You get easy online access to a comprehensive, integrated talent management system that includes:

• Validated Solutions for Hiring & Selection
• Validated Solutions Measuring the Strength of Your Workforce
• Validated Behavioral Profiling & Online Training

• Developmental Performance Management System Covering
  All Goals & Objectives – Talent Snapshot®

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